This is how to connect SD Connect C4 with Xentry 2014, that failed to registrer my multiplexer and hasn’t LAN connecting into a SD connect.








Solution... here you go.

You should connect " Wired LAN " MUX to your PC.

Then switch a your PC's icon " wired " .

Changed --> to next ( uploaded configuration movie ) pass : our major pw.

Not changed --> check you wired LAN driver and cable.

Many troubles had SD connect wired LAN module.

If OK your PC and cable

sdconnect_config000:!bo92ySQB!ajjQoIrVWXS4TmNO5PnDFF31gY7EQFRlC-hSz0RpK_w  If it doesn’t work, try to reinstall " SD net control "


Good luck.